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Keith Rome rome at Wintellect.com
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Is there a notion of "Warning" in context of execution? My understanding is that during execution you either get a single error, or you get the resulting value (or void/null if the script does not eval to a return value). Any print() messages are routed to the stdout stream which you can also intercept via the script engine's IO property. Perhaps that kind of trace output is what you are looking for?

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Hi, Jimmy,

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> >> Sorry for disturbing again, but I'm a little bit confused about the 
> >> ErrorListeners from the Hosting API.
> >>
> >> For compilation of a ScriptSource, I can pass an ErrorListener 
> >> which gets the errors and warnings, but it seems that I cannot pass 
> >> an ErrorListener for the execution of the ScriptSource.
> >>
> >> My guess is that the ErrorListener passed to the compilation is 
> >> referenced from the compiled ScriptSource. Can you confirm hat? Or 
> >> did I miss something?
> >
> > This guess seems wrong - it seems that the warnings are simply spit 
> > out
> on stderr by default.
> ErrorListener is only used for compiler errors; if you want to capture 
> runtime errors you can put a try/catch around the call to 
> ScriptSource.Execute().

It's not about the errors, but about the warnings. We run IronPython embedded (hosted) in our application, and want to capture the warnings to display them in a different window.

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