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Bruce Anderson bruce306 at rogers.com
Sun Oct 16 22:33:14 CEST 2011

I've done some WPF in C# using VisualStudio 2010 and I've done some Python in IDLE, but I've never done IronPython using WPF in VS2010.

Are there any references or web pages to help people get to First base? (I'm looking specifically for IronPython WPF using VS2010 - I've found so many generic pages that my eyes are tired - but absolutely nada about what I need to get started.)  I have Foorde's book - but it pre-dates the integration of WPF, VS and IronPython, so it doesn't seem to help.

For example, I fired up VS2010, built an IronPython WPF application and added a button and a label. I have the XAML code and the PY code. 

But how do I reference the controls from my Python code-behind? I've tried the way I would do it from C# (e.g. label1.contents = "Hello World") - but that just gives me an "Unbound Name Exception" unhandled error. I even tried setting properties of "self" in the button_click handler - but that didn't work either.

This has got to be simple - can someone point me in the right direction?

Bruce Anderson
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