[Ironpython-users] Recommended IDE for IronPython on Linux? (Advise for the poverty stricken)

Dave Wald davew252 at tx.rr.com
Mon Sep 5 03:17:03 CEST 2011

On 9/4/2011 7:45 PM, Vernon Cole wrote:
> It looks like my next big project will be done in IronPython and 
> Silverlight.
> But since my laptop runs Windows so poorly, and my student copy of 
> Visual Studio is on a workstation 200 miles away, it seems that it 
> might be a good idea to do the initial coding using Linux (which runs 
> pretty well on the same laptop) and Moonlight.
> Q1) Is there an IDE which runs IronPython on Linux?
> Q2) If I do have to use Windows, is there an Express (that is free) 
> compiler which will run the new IronPython integration stuff?
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> Vernon Cole
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I think I've seen where some folks were running SharpDevelop on Mono

That should work for your C# coding...
And the Express version (and/or free VSX shell) MIGHT run on Mono. Don't 
As far as the Express versions of VisualStudio, last I heard,  they will 
not host the Python Tools for Visual Studio, BUT...
you don't really need those anyway.
I had a link somewhere to an article on creating a "debug project" in 
VS, where you basically just make a project out of the exe, and point 
the debugger to it. Works fine, but I haven't done it in a good while...
If I run across it I'll drop you a line.

The free VSX Shell WILL host the tools, allowing for IronPython dev and 
debugging, etc, I'm pretty sure, and it MAY run on Mono... not sure. 
Haven't tried it myself.


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