[Ironpython-users] Options for debugger for DLR languages on Mono

Dave Wald davew252 at tx.rr.com
Wed Sep 21 05:30:42 CEST 2011

First off, congrats on the Calico project. Seriously cool. I wish I was 
one of your students just starting out.
These kids today... jeez.
Anyway, if I was gonna tackle that project, first thing I would do is 
download the source code for PyTools for Visual Studio (it does CLR/DLR 
and CPython)
and study it til I puked.
Secondly, I would do the same with MonoDevelop, and do the old 
compare-and-contrast drill.
Write myself a white-paper, as it were. Profusely annotated and 
Visio-diagrammed unto death.
And then outline what I could re-use as is and where I needed to do 
major surgery.
(Or get the students to do it... ;-)   )
PyTools is written in C# mostly, looks like, with a sprinkling of 
C++/unsafe native code, but not in the debuggers. They look like 
straight cs.
I have no idea what MonoDevelop looks like under the hood.
But between the two, I would expect to be able to get a pretty good idea 
what could  be done without re-inventing the world.

That's my two cents...


On 9/19/2011 8:09 AM, Doug Blank wrote:
> IronPython users,
> We have a fairly robust editor/shell written in IronPython, using
> Gtk#, running under cross-platform Mono with abilities to switch
> between many languages (including Python, Ruby, Scheme, Lua, FSharp,
> CSharp, Boo, and a new visual Scratch-based language called Jigsaw.
> Although not all are DLR-based.) [1].
> What would be the best option for creating an interactive debugger for
> the DLR languages on Mono? We would want to be able to set
> break-points, single step, and inspect local variables. Ideally, this
> would be a generic, language-neutral API, but if we have to do one for
> each language, that might work too. Things we've looked at:
> a) Seo's FePy Mono Profiler, but that seems too low-level, and
> requires C code for each platform.
> b) Microsoft.Scripting.Debugging [3], but will that work under Mono?
> c) sys.settrace(), but that would be Python-specific, and can't single-step (?)
> Are there other issues/options to consider? Please feel free to point
> me towards useful resources.
> Thanks!
> -Doug
> [1] - http://calicoproject.org/
> [2] - http://fepy.blogspot.com/2007/06/pyprof-progresses.html
> [3] - http://devhawk.net/2009/07/08/microsoft-scripting-debugging/
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