[Ironpython-users] binary strings in 2.7.2 alpha?

Daniel Fernandez fernandez_dan2 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 4 02:00:49 CET 2012

Hi All, I'm playing with open source package  and I am getting an error with prefix "b" with a string literal with expected str and got bytes. Here is a simple example, IronPython 2.7.2 alpha I get the following >>> type(b"/")
<type 'bytes'> In CPython 2.7.2 I get the following >>> type(b"/")
<type 'str'> I searched for more information on this but I didn't find alot on it. I did find one site indicating that this is a python 3.0 feature, I just wanted to confirm.  Thanks. Danny 		 	   		  
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