[Ironpython-users] Dotted assembly names and import

Keith Rome rome at Wintellect.com
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The import statement is used for namespaces, which usually (but don't have to) match the assembly names. You reference the assembly once, and import whatever types/namespaces you need from it. Thinking of it in another way, referencing the assembly grants the ability to import from that assembly. But in itself it does nothing apparent from the perspective of the consuming script.

This is similar to how C#/VB work where you reference the assembly once for your project, and then you place using/import statements at the top of individual code files to bring the types contained within the assembly into scope.

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I have a question about assemblies compiled with pyc.py. If you just name
them normally like, "Foobar.dll" or "Snafu.dll" you can add a reference
to them and import them into IronPython as one would expect. If however
you name them like "Foobar.Snafu.dll" you can add a reference to them
but it does not seem like you can import them at all. You are given the error:

"ImportError: No module named Snafu"

Is this intended behavior? My understanding is that dotted assembly names
are quite common in .Net and I have a project where I would like to have
assemblies compiled by pyc.py to sit side by side with assemblies written
in C#. Maybe this is not the natural way to do things?

Any help is appreciated.

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