[Ironpython-users] IronPython debugging on OS X

Steve Baer steve at mcneel.com
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Hi Lucas,
If this question is targeted toward Rhino3d, the Windows version has a script debugger built in.  I haven’t had the time to put anything together for the OSX implementation; and I really want to see if I can figure out how to get python remote debugging working so you can use tools like eclipse to do your debugging.


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If you’re down w/ Eclipse PyDev supports IronPython debugging.  


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I'm trying to find some information on what debugging capabilities exist for IronPython.  I read in depth about the mono level debugger, but this is probably too low level for what I want.


I also found some mention of work being done on Windows specific IronPython debuggers, but I am hoping to do this in OS X.


Does anyone have any info on the state of things?  Worst case I will do all heavy lifting in CPython, use a debugger, and then finally pickle objects into a minimized IronPython environment, but this is far from ideal.




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