[Ironpython-users] Cannot build IronRuby or IronPython MSI's

Orion Edwards Orion.Edwards at gallagher.co
Wed Jan 4 05:07:08 CET 2012

I did a git pull today of IronLanguages\main, and noticed a giant stack of 
changes on December 30, 31 and Jan 1 - which look like they're related to 
Win8 and Mango, amongst other things.

I'm trying to build the IronRuby installer - the process also builds the 
IronPython installer along with it.

It ( msbuild /p:Configuration=Release Installer.proj ) now fails with 
several errors:

1 - IronRubyTools.dll fails to build. It complains about "A reference was 
created to embedded interop assembly '..........\VSLangProj.dll'
 - I fixed this by setting Embed Interop Types = false on that reference 
(what happened to break this??)

2 - The build now fails because it couldn't find silverlight 4 dll's, 
whereas it used to work (did it used to reference silverlight 3 which 
ships with VS2010??).
 - I fixed the error by installing the silverlight 4 SDK

3 -   Two proj files have gone missing:

c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Installer.proj(23,9): error MSB3202: The 
project file "Python\Chm\IronPython.Chm.proj" was not found.
c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Installer.proj(23,9): error MSB3202: The 
project file "Python\Msi\IronPython.Msi.wproj"  was not found.

It seems these have vanished??
I tried to work around this by manually building only 

4 - This now fails with
  c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Ruby\Msi\Silverlight.wxi(14): error 
CNDL0150: Undefined preprocessor variable '$(var.OutputPath)'. 

It looks like that Wxi file hasn't changed recently, so presumably 
something else is ruining the outpath?
- I fixed this by editing IronRuby.wxs and removing all mention of 
silverlight... This is fine for me, as I don't want to go near 
silverlight, but others may require a better solution :-)

5 - Now there's a bunch of errors all like this:

  c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Ruby\Msi\IronRuby.wxs(92): error LGHT1055: 
The InstallExecuteSequence table contains an
 action 'NetFxScheduleNativeImage' which cannot be merged from the merge 
module 'c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\bin\Release\
\IrbRedist.msm'.  This action is likely colliding with an action in the 
database that is being created.  The colliding
action may have been authored in the database or merged in from another 
merge module.  If this is a standard action, it
 is likely colliding due to a difference in the condition for the action 
in the database and merge module.  If this is
a custom action, it should only be declared in the database or one merge 
module. [c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Ruby\Ms

This is where I give up..

The giant stack of changes mostly came from Tomas Matousek / JDHardy / 
couple of other IronPython devs... Would one of those people mind please 
having a look at this?

Thanks, Orion
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