[Ironpython-users] [Ironruby-core] Cannot build IronRuby or IronPython MSI's

Jeff Hardy jdhardy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 06:19:12 CET 2012

The IronPython ones should be working, and nothing I did should change
IronRuby's installer builds. However, the old build script may
reference IronPython installers that no longer exist.

- Jeff

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 8:14 PM, Tomas Matousek
<Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com> wrote:
> Yes, the installer is broken. Jeff is working on some better installer
> building scripts. I’m not sure what the status is atm.
> Tomas
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> Subject: [Ironruby-core] Cannot build IronRuby or IronPython MSI's
> I did a git pull today of IronLanguages\main, and noticed a giant stack of
> changes on December 30, 31 and Jan 1 - which look like they're related to
> Win8 and Mango, amongst other things.
> I'm trying to build the IronRuby installer - the process also builds the
> IronPython installer along with it.
> It ( msbuild /p:Configuration=Release Installer.proj ) now fails with
> several errors:
> 1 - IronRubyTools.dll fails to build. It complains about "A reference was
> created to embedded interop assembly '..........\VSLangProj.dll'
>  - I fixed this by setting Embed Interop Types = false on that reference
> (what happened to break this??)
> 2 - The build now fails because it couldn't find silverlight 4 dll's,
> whereas it used to work (did it used to reference silverlight 3 which ships
> with VS2010??).
>  - I fixed the error by installing the silverlight 4 SDK
> 3 -   Two proj files have gone missing:
> c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Installer.proj(23,9): error MSB3202: The
> project file "Python\Chm\IronPython.Chm.proj" was not found.
> c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Installer.proj(23,9): error MSB3202: The
> project file "Python\Msi\IronPython.Msi.wproj"  was not found.
> It seems these have vanished??
> I tried to work around this by manually building only
> Ruby\Msi\IronRuby.Msi.wproj
> 4 - This now fails with
>   c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Ruby\Msi\Silverlight.wxi(14): error
> CNDL0150: Undefined preprocessor variable '$(var.OutputPath)'.
> [c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Ruby\Msi\IronRuby.Msi.wproj]
> It looks like that Wxi file hasn't changed recently, so presumably something
> else is ruining the outpath?
> - I fixed this by editing IronRuby.wxs and removing all mention of
> silverlight... This is fine for me, as I don't want to go near silverlight,
> but others may require a better solution :-)
> 5 - Now there's a bunch of errors all like this:
>   c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Ruby\Msi\IronRuby.wxs(92): error LGHT1055:
> The InstallExecuteSequence table contains an
>  action 'NetFxScheduleNativeImage' which cannot be merged from the merge
> module 'c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\bin\Release\
> \IrbRedist.msm'.  This action is likely colliding with an action in the
> database that is being created.  The colliding
> action may have been authored in the database or merged in from another
> merge module.  If this is a standard action, it
>  is likely colliding due to a difference in the condition for the action in
> the database and merge module.  If this is
> a custom action, it should only be declared in the database or one merge
> module. [c:\Dev\ironlanguages-main\Msi\Ruby\Ms
> i\IronRuby.Msi.wproj]
> This is where I give up..
> The giant stack of changes mostly came from Tomas Matousek / JDHardy /
> couple of other IronPython devs... Would one of those people mind please
> having a look at this?
> Thanks, Orion

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