[Ironpython-users] WP7 & Silverlight Support in IronPython

Jimmy Schementi jschementi at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 03:14:20 CEST 2012

I'd only support the latest released version of Silverlight, as if someone
really needs to support an older version of Silverlight (some internal app,
for example). So I'd vote for only SL5.

There are tests for SL in Hosts/Silverlight


On Saturday, June 30, 2012, Jeff Hardy wrote:

> Throwing some thoughts out there on future platform support:
> Given that Windows Phone 7 is basically dead in the water at this
> point, it doesn't seem worth it to support it. I'm going to remove the
> existing WP7 binaries, which don't work anyway, from 2.7.3. If anyone
> is interested in supporting it I'll certainly consider patches, but I
> won't be adding it back to the distributions without a fully committed
> maintainer.
> Silverlight is also basically dead, but still has some users, so I
> have no intention of removing it yet. However, I would like to know if
> Silverlight 4 is still required - I'll leave it in for 2.7.3, but I'd
> like to remove it in 2.7.4, if Silverlight 4 has mostly been replaced
> by SL 5. That said, I would like someone to take over maintaining
> Silverlight; there really isn't any testing of it, so I'm basically
> taking it on faith that it still works, and I don't like that. If no
> one is willing to maintain it, I'm going to consider removing it
> entirely from 2.7.5.
> None of this is set in stone. I just want to get some discussion going.
> - Jeff
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