[Ironpython-users] debugging ipy.exe

Peter Schwalm ps at peter-schwalm.de
Mon Mar 5 14:03:12 CET 2012

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for your answer. I could capture a non-ironpython machine and 
circumvent the problem by using VS 2010 remotedebugging.


Am 05.03.2012 05:57, schrieb Jeff Hardy:
> 2012/3/4 Peter Schwalm<ps at peter-schwalm.de>:
>> Hello Jeff,
>> I switched to the branch ipy-2.7-maint. Now I have the problem that I cannot
>> debug because some ironPython dlls are loaded from the GAC. These versions
>> are not debuggable. I suppose they are from the "normal" 2.7.1 installation.
>> Do I have to / can I remove them manually from the GAC?
> Yeah, that's a known issue. I actually ran into it while testing 2.7.2
> the other night :). In 2.7.2 installing the assemblies to the GAC is
> optional for just that reason.
> To make it easier, for 2.7.3 I think I'll change the assembly versions
> when building in DEBUG mode.
> Your only option, then, is to uninstall 2.7.1 and install 2.7.2
> without the GAC assemblies. And curse Microsoft for the frustrating
> assembly resolution order.
> - Jeff

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