[Ironpython-users] IronPython hosting - providing syntax highlighting (and intellisense?!) to customers

Keith Rome rome at Wintellect.com
Mon Mar 12 16:36:12 CET 2012

At risk of sounding like an advertisement, I strongly recommend the ActiPro SyntaxEditor controls.

We have used the WPF and Silverlight versions with great success. It supports all of the features you mention (syntax highlighting, Intellisense, code completion scopes) and many more. They have a functional demo application with source code that exhibits all of those features.

Performance is great (be sure to enable ambient background parsing). We even have it wired up so that after parsing/lexing, we take the python source and run it through the IronPython compiler using a custom ErrorListener, which is used to collect compilation errors that are then fed into the ParseData output. And since we have a ParseErrorTagger and custom SquiggleTooltipProvider installed into the parser, we get those nice red squiggles directly under compiler errors in the source text itself, along with detailed tooltips.

Sorry if I get carried away, but it's extremely cool stuff! Our python editing environment is very slick; while it does not quite have the features of Visual Studio's editor, it comes really close (we even support breakpoints and stepping)... and it fully embeds in our WPF / Silverlight products.

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Hi All,

We are intending to use IronPython to provide a simple expression engine to our customers.
This will give them the ability to calculate some of their own results from data stored in the database.

Being a software project, I say "simple expression" but I can easily see it migrating towards a "complex expression" when customers get more familiar with python.

Now, I can just give them a text area to stick some text in, and maybe some tools to help build this text but... it seems like I should be able to do better than this, and it seems like something that others would have solved.

I'd really like the UI that the customer uses to compose an expression to have python syntax highlighting to help them.
Furthermore, if we make .NET objects/functions available to the python script, it would be fantastic if the user had some kind of intellisense available to help them when interacting with the types we would make available to the scripts to use.

Any advice, or experience with this?


Nick Aschberger

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