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Sven Thomas Sven.Thomas at prov.ca
Wed Mar 14 17:54:33 CET 2012

Greetings all,


I'm sort of new to IP and brand new on this mailing list.  J  


Here's my situation:  I need to build a report of everything missing
from our institution's library that isn't accounted for (i.e. we want to
find what's been stolen/lost, etc.) That means the librarians will scan
every item to build a table in SQLite ("LibTBL") - this portion of the
code is already working. To build the report, I need to compare LibTBL
(physical items in the library) to the records on the server.

My plan is to pull every record from the server (nearly 100k+) into an
SQLite table ("ServerTBL") so I can run queries from one table against
the other (LibTBL vs. ServerTBL. The end result of this will be a third
table that contains only the items on the server that were not scanned
in the library. These are the items that are either checked out or

What's the best way to go about this?  So far I'm using
System.Data.SQLite oracle's ADO.NET connector and I'm pulling a table
from Oracle to a .Net dataset.  I can fill the DataSet with the table
from Oracle, but my attempts at using the SQLite data adapter to put
into the SQLite db have failed.  How would I go about dumping a dataset
into an SQLite file?

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.




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