[Ironpython-users] Startup performance

mchalkley at mail.com mchalkley at mail.com
Fri Mar 16 16:55:09 CET 2012

Since the question of performance with regard to zipimport was just
raised, it prompted me to ask a related question.

I have a script that I've compiled to an console app exe, which
retrieves some data from an SQL db, does quite a bit of simple
analysis and produces some files containing the resuts. It's used by 6
other people and they've all commented on the fact that it takes
almost 10 seconds (usually) to display its first message (which is a
"print 'Loading...'" statement that is the first non-comment line in
the script, to test this very issue), but usually 2 seconds or less to
retrieve 4,000 records, process them, and create the output files.

Since the print statement I refer to happens before first import, or
anything else, for that matter, I'm just curious if anyone has any
observations on this. Are there any techniques to reduce this time?



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