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Moving this to the mailing list....

Are you (the OP) developing something that is going to run in ASP.NET? For
this type of thing, I believe you can host the ASP.NET runtime in an
application, so that may be the way to go for that.


On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 8:14 AM, Jeff Hardy <
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> wrote:

> Sorry about that, I've been busy the last couple of days.
> I think it's a feature that would be really useful, but without knowing
> how to extend it to cover different sandboxes it would be best to hold off.
> What you can do is create a new branch in your git repo, push it to github,
> and then if if you (or someone else) gets ambitious they can take it up and
> run with it.
> If you need some help with the git commands let me know. I'm going to
> close this for now, but I really do appreciate the work you've put into
> this. I just don't think the problem space is understood well enough to
> implement it yet.
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