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Sat Mar 31 09:53:17 CEST 2012

Hi ironpython,

Here's your Daily Digest of new issues for project "IronPython".

In today's digest:ISSUES

1. [New comment] "load language" problem
2. [New issue] comparison is not always compatible with CPython



1. [New comment] "load language" problem
User becio has commented on the issue:

"I uninstalled IronRuby then installed again this package and all things went ok. 

DLL hell is still here, please check the strong names of incompatible dlls."-----------------

2. [New issue] comparison is not always compatible with CPython
User slide_o_mix has proposed the issue:

"On CPython this code prints "Pass" and on IronPython it prints "Fail". 

import bisect

class CmpErr:
    "Dummy element that always raises an error during comparison"
    def __cmp__(self, other):
        raise ZeroDivisionError
seq = [CmpErr(), CmpErr(), CmpErr()]

    bisect.bisect_left(seq, 10)
except ZeroDivisionError:
	print "Pass"
	print "Fail"

It looks like the comparison code that is generated is not doing the correct thing compared to the rich comparison in CPython."

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