[Ironpython-users] Poor performance of a c# - Ironpython application

Carles F. Julià carles.fernandez at upf.edu
Wed May 23 12:15:22 CEST 2012


I am working on a c# application that uses a series of python modules using
IronPython. Such application is used in a real time interaction
environment, and the python code is used to process some interaction events
so performance is important in this aspect.

I am having performance problems wen running code involving c# and python
code, in some cases having lags of 1 second for code that in CPython runs
in miliseconds. Are there some general directions on how to optimize
ironpython integration with c# code, or how to track down this problem?

Is there general performance problem with Ironpython?
My code uses C# delegates in python code and dynamic python objects in c#
code; is that a bad idea?

Thanks for your help!
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