[Ironpython-users] Poor performance of a c# - Ironpython application

Carles F. Julià carles.fernandez at upf.edu
Wed May 23 18:07:08 CEST 2012

Thanks Vernon!

Are these lags happening _when_ the .NET image is first started (from the
> command shell) or _after_ it starts, during operation.  All .NET programs,
> written in any language, seem to take forever to get started initially. A
> lot of work has been done on IronPython to try to mitigate startup and
> import time lags.  If the lags you are seeing are during a running image,
> there is something else afoot here.

 I amb having Huge lags when it runs the peace of code for the first time,
after that the lag is not that big. But it still makes it pretty unusable
for a real time interaction context.

This happens when a function from c# calls a method on a python object
passing a c# delegate that then is called in a python context. This scheme
is repeated several times in a single call (and tens of calls like this can
occur in a second). Maybe there is an overhead when switching contexts.
In the same part I am creating several short-living python objects (complex
class instances) so it may also be related to memory management (allocating
or collecting).

Can you provide a small example which re-creates the problem?

I don't have it at the moment. I'll work on that, however as I am using
both c# and python code that is not public yet (and sharing it may create
some IP problems) I'll have to come up with a similar but not real example.

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