[Ironpython-users] memory fragmentation oder leak in ironpython program

Peter Schwalm ps at peter-schwalm.de
Tue Dec 10 01:19:37 CET 2013


I have an ipy script that manipulates several thousand .pdf documents in 
a single run via itextsharp. I observe that it is permanently getting 
slower. After starting the program it processes about 10 documents per 
second, after processing 5000 documents it does only process 3 oder 4 
docs per second.

I have already in .net GC garbage collection calls which made the 
situation something better (before that it was still worse).

Does anyone know if this could a fragmention problem? And what I could 
against it?

Another peculiarity:

in sysinternals procexp I can see that the memory usage rises during the 
excecution, but - after I inserted the GC.Collect() calls - relative 
moderately. What rises constantly are the GC handles (about 170.000 
after 8000 documents). If I read the docs it looks as if GCHandles are 
handles that make managed memory accessible for non-managed programs.

Does anyone know where these GC handles come from, if they could be the 
cause of my problems and what I could do against them?

Thanks in advance,
Peter Schwalm

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