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Hi ironpython,

Here's your Daily Digest of new issues for project "IronPython".

In today's digest:ISSUES

1. [New comment] Should subprocess Work On Mono?
2. [New issue] StackOverflowException while parsing long expression script
3. [New issue] Huge memory consumption during



1. [New comment] Should subprocess Work On Mono?
User TeddyP has commented on the issue:

"<p>Thanks for the response. I probably won't be able to tackle it myself now either. This was a rabbit hole I went down trying to work around a limitation of another tool that uses IronPython to provide extensibility. I was trying to use subprocess as a workaround for that tool's limitation (the System.Diagnostics.Process workaround manages to get me the functionality I need in this particular case, but it seems to lack the elegance of using subprocess so I went digging).</p><p>I'm glad to have the question answered at least. Hopefully folks with the same question will stumble across this post without having to do all the digging around I did. Perhaps it will be a good starting point for whoever eventually decides to tackle it as well.</p><p>I wonder if it would be possible to have the subprocess module in IronPython throw an exception that clearly indicates it isn't currently supported on non-Windows platforms if it detects it isn't running on Windows? It looks like there is some customization of the subprocess module released with IronPython as compared to what comes with the corresponding version of Python (I diff'ed the 2.7.3 version of both and they were largely the same but did have a few differences), so this might be a quick, easy, and efficient way of conveying the information.</p>"-----------------

2. [New issue] StackOverflowException while parsing long expression script
User zocram15 has proposed the issue:

"Trying to execute the attached script throws a StackOverflowException.

I understand that that it not the best way of writing a sum but that's just an example that reproduces the issue I'm seeing."-----------------

3. [New issue] Huge memory consumption during
User zocram15 has proposed the issue:

"I have a simple application that uses IronPython as a scripting language, we have noticed that when someone write big expressions the application uses a huge amount of memory for small period of time.
If the expression is very huge the application consumes the whole system memory and hangs the machine.

I've been able to reproduce the issue in the attached sample program.
I've tried to disable AdaptiveCompilation and other options but the issue still remains.

I've tested this on Windows 7 64 bit compiling the application both for .net 4 and .net 4.5.

Let me know if more information are need, or if I can be of any help on finding fixing the issue."

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