[Ironpython-users] How to create a program to IronPython for Android?

Tumanov Alex tumanovalex at yandex.ru
Wed Jul 17 19:34:50 CEST 2013

Set IronPython, has created several projects. Then, in a sub folder accidentally discovered Platforms Android. I decided to try it. Did the following:
1. IronPythonApplication.py created a console application code:
print ('Hello world')
raw_input ("Press any key to exit")
2. Did IronPythonApplication.exe using a batch file:
"c: \ Program Files \ IronPython 2.7 \ ipy.exe" "c: \ Program Files \ IronPython 2.7 \ Tools \ Scripts \ pyc.py" / target: exe / main: "d: \ MyAndroid \ IronPythonApplication \ IronPythonApplication \ IronPythonApplication . py "
3. Did on the SD card with Android 4.1 phone directory AndroidProg, copied there all the files from the Android and created files and IronPythonApplication.py IronPythonApplication.exe.
4. He tried to run them and got a message that is not connected with them none of the programs. 
Tell me, please, how you can use IronPython to create programs for Android.


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