[Ironpython-users] nejoba. a regional microblog created with ironpython in asp.net is now open source :)

Bernd Viehmann bernd.viehmann at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 6 21:20:36 CEST 2014

Hello ipy-guys

I am building on a plattform for regional networking in the 
neighbourhood. it is also online : http://www.nejoba.net

The source repository will be cleaned up in the next days. But the code 
is available on google-code https://code.google.com/p/nejoba/

Reviews and critics  will be welcome. Or guys who want to help

Most of the project is in german. But a short description of the project 
is already translated :

Dear fellow people ,

the application is a form of a microblog . While other services timeline 
is linked to a user the blogs refer to postcode areas on nejoba. 
Residents or visitors share this as a city blog to publish information 
about their place to learn about local events and communicate with their 

Currently two applications are implemented .

Regional job market

nejoba offers a regional labor market on a private basis . In this case 
, people who want to finish a task publish an announcement . As with 
authorities may then submit an offer to private job seekers or 
professional craftsman.

Neighbour Forum

Regional information and communication are supported in the local forum. 
Here users may post informations of interest of their hometown.

The data can be grouped with hashtags to merge stakeholders. Tags have 
to nejoba (in contrast to other platforms ) always a regional reference. 
So the users create a regional information-pool for their neighbourhood.

In addition, the blog provides more attributes with which the 
contributions can be provided . With every posting an HTML document can 
be linked. For detailed description of formatted text, pictures and 
videos can be added too.

In addition a contribution can be provided with coordinated geo-info and 
visualized on a map.


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      Bernd Viehmann
      Mahrweg 46; 41836 Hückelhoven

      Tel.: 02433 9640 100
      Fax: 02433 9640 109

      info at it-viehmann.de

Steuer Ident.: DE249193817

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