[Ironpython-users] Recreate and compile a script in an existing engine instance?

Andrew Stephens Andrew.Stephens at nu-ins.com
Fri Jul 11 12:58:42 CEST 2014

In C# I’m loading and compiling a script like this:-

            _engine = Python.CreateEngine();
            _scope = _engine.CreateScope();

            _scriptSource = _engine.CreateScriptSourceFromFile(filename, Encoding.UTF7, SourceCodeKind.Statements);
            _compiledScript = _scriptSource.Compile();

(At some point in time my application will run the script by calling _compiledScript.Execute(_scope).)

I’ve also got a FileSystemWatcher watching the script file. When the file changes I recreate the ScriptSource and compile, basically executing those last two lines again. When I do this, _scriptSource.Compile() throws an ArgumentException (“Invalid argument valueParameter name: start”). The stack trace is below. It works if I re-create *everything* – the engine, scope, script source, compile, but this seems a bit a wasteful. Am I missing something?

Stack trace:-
   at Microsoft.Scripting.Utils.ContractUtils.Requires(Boolean precondition, String paramName)
   at Microsoft.Scripting.SourceUnit.GetCodeLines(Int32 start, Int32 count)
   at Microsoft.Scripting.SourceUnit.GetCodeLine(Int32 line)
   at Microsoft.Scripting.SyntaxErrorException..ctor(String message, SourceUnit sourceUnit, SourceSpan span, Int32 errorCode, Severity severity)
   at Microsoft.Scripting.Hosting.ErrorListenerProxySink.Add(SourceUnit sourceUnit, String message, SourceSpan span, Int32 errorCode, Severity severity)
   at IronPython.Compiler.Parser.CreateParserWorker(CompilerContext context, PythonOptions options, Boolean verbatim)
   at IronPython.Compiler.Parser.CreateParser(CompilerContext context, PythonOptions options)
   at IronPython.Runtime.PythonContext.ParseAndBindAst(CompilerContext context)
   at IronPython.Runtime.PythonContext.CompilePythonCode(SourceUnit sourceUnit, CompilerOptions options, ErrorSink errorSink)
   at IronPython.Runtime.PythonContext.CompileSourceCode(SourceUnit sourceUnit, CompilerOptions options, ErrorSink errorSink)
   at Microsoft.Scripting.SourceUnit.Compile(CompilerOptions options, ErrorSink errorSink)
   at Microsoft.Scripting.SourceUnit.Compile(ErrorSink errorSink)
   at Microsoft.Scripting.Hosting.ScriptSource.CompileInternal(CompilerOptions compilerOptions, ErrorListener errorListener)
   at Microsoft.Scripting.Hosting.ScriptSource.Compile()

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