[Ironpython-users] Recreate and compile a script in an existing engine instance?

Markus Schaber m.schaber at codesys.com
Mon Jul 14 09:58:43 CEST 2014


Von: Andrew Stephens
> In C# I’m loading and compiling a script like this:-
>           _engine = Python.CreateEngine();
>           _scope = _engine.CreateScope();
>           _scriptSource = _engine.CreateScriptSourceFromFile(filename, Encoding.UTF7, SourceCodeKind.Statements);
>           _compiledScript = _scriptSource.Compile();
> (At some point in time my application will run the script by calling _compiledScript.Execute(_scope).)

Just as a side question out of curiosity: Are you really using UTF7 encoding? Are you constrained to ASCII?

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