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Here's your Daily Digest of new issues for project "IronPython".

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1. [New comment] Memory Leak  when using AppDomains



1. [New comment] Memory Leak  when using AppDomains
User Loupi has commented on the issue:

"<p>Hello,</p><p>I'd like to add my two cents on that. After raising that bug almost 2 years ago,<br>I've used a workaround solution with Code Access Security. First, I created a PermissionSet like this:</p><p>```<br>PermissionSet CreatePermissions()<br>        {<br>            PermissionSet permissions = new PermissionSet(null);<br>            permissions.AddPermission(new SecurityPermission(SecurityPermissionFlag.Execution));<br>            permissions.AddPermission(new ReflectionPermission(ReflectionPermissionFlag.MemberAccess));<br>            permissions.AddPermission(new FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.Read | FileIOPermissionAccess.PathDiscovery,<br>                                                            AccessControlActions.View, AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory));</p><p>            new Type[] <br>            {<br>                typeof(DateTime),<br>                typeof(Uri),<br>                typeof(IronPython.BytesConversionAttribute),<br>                typeof(IronPython.Modules.ArrayModule),<br>                typeof(Enumerable),<br>                typeof(SandBox)<br>            }<br>            .Select(t => t.Assembly.Evidence.GetHostEvidence<StrongName>())<br>            .Select(t => permissions.AddPermission(new StrongNameIdentityPermission(t.PublicKey, t.Name, t.Version)));</p><p>            return permissions;<br>        }<br>```</p><p>Then I executed Python scripts like that:</p><p>```<br>private void RunWorkflowInternal(CompiledCode compiledCode, ScriptScope scriptScope)<br>        {        <br>            myPermissionSet.PermitOnly();<br>            compiledCode.Execute(scriptScope);<br>        }<br>```</p><p>No app domain involved. This solution worked with millions of script executions, on a single ScriptEngine, on the same windows service process, for months (no reboot, no recycle, no process kill).</p><p>Then came KB2835393, which contains a new memory leak with Code Access Security. So after applying KB2835393 OR installing .NET 4.5 (which affects 4.0 too), myPermissionSet.PermitOnly() leaks.</p><p>I opened a case with my MSDN account, it is currently in the escalation state.</p><p>Just wanted to let you know in case it could be usefull/related.</p><p>Regards<br>Loupi<br></p>"

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