[Ironpython-users] Newbie Mac IronPython Forms Question

Todd Banister tbanister at primarycapital.com
Fri Oct 31 18:23:18 CET 2014

I am just getting started with IronPython and working my way through the IronPython In Action book by Manning publishing. So far, I am able to do all of the examples on my Windows 8 VM on my Mac without any problems (running the latest 2.7.5 beta 3 version). But I am running into some issues with generating Forms on the Mac side.

On my Mac, I am trying to run the following code:

import clr
from System.Windows.Forms import Application, Form

When I try to run this simple code to create a blank form, the command line interpreter hangs when it gets to the form=Form() line.

I have tried running this code using the built in IronPython (listed as version in Mono as well as running the 2.7.5 beta 3 version (using mono /Library/Frameworks/IronPython.framework/Versions/2.7.5/ipy.exe).

Both seem to hang at the exact same spot.

What am I missing? Is there something that I have not set up correctly in my Mac environment? Does this simply not work the way I am trying it?

Sorry for such a simple question.

Thanks for your time,

Todd Banister, CTO

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1000 Parkwood Circle, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30339
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