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Thu Jul 14 19:13:31 EDT 2016

Hello Everyone,

I am part of the IronPython development team. We are trying to find
developers for IronPython, and as part of that we are reworking the
repository on GitHub. As part of that we decided to split IronRuby out of
the code base into its own repository under the IronLanguages organization
(we are also splitting IronPython and the DLR itself out into their own
repositories as well). I wanted to send this note to let the Ruby community
know about it. IronRuby hasn't seen much love for a long time, and if
someone wants to contribute, or bring it up to speed, they can contact me
directly to get access to the IronRuby codebase that was split out. We
didn't want to leave it in a place where it couldn't be used if someone was


Alex Earl
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