[Mailman-Announce] Candidate Mailman 2.0.13 patch

Barry A. Warsaw mailman-developers@python.org
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 00:14:12 -0400

As some of you have noticed, Mailman 2.0.12 has some compatibility
problems with Python 1.5.2.  In order to correct this, and a few other
minor problems, I want to soon release a version 2.0.13.  This time,
however I'd like to enlist your help. ;)

I have uploaded a candidate patch for 2.0.12 -> 2.0.13 at this url:


I would appreciate it if someone (or a few someones) could give this
patch a try.  I'm essentially running it on python.org/zope.org,
however I'm using Python 2.1.3 in my production environment.  I have
done some limited testing with Python 1.5.2 and this patch and it
seems to go okay.

I'd especially like to hear from those of you experiencing problems
with MailCommandHandler, if you are running MM2.0.12 with Python
1.5.2.  Does this patch fix things for you?  Does it produce any other
tracebacks or warnings in logs/error?

Thanks for any feedback you can provide.  If I get some positive
feedback (or at least, no negative feedback) in a few days, I'd do a
formal release.  I expect that to be largely similar to this patch,
with perhaps some documentation updates, unless other problems are
uncovered by your testing.