[Mailman-Announce] RELEASED Mailman 2.1 beta 4

Barry A. Warsaw mailman-developers@python.org
Sat Oct 26 18:17:05 2002

I've released Mailman 2.1 beta 4; see below for a list of changes
since version 2.1 beta 2.  There have been tons of bug fixes, added
support for Swedish, and some minor new features.

Remember that discussions about version 2.1 are still preferred on
mailman-developers.  It's also not a bad idea to follow the cvs
checkins if you're using 2.1b4.  I plan on moving the remaining
Mailman discussion lists (mailman-users, mailman-announce,
mailman-i18n, mailman-docs, and mailman-checkins) over to the new
version asap.

I'm also hoping that this will be the last beta release.  I've gotten
tons of great feedback since 2.1b3, and there are still a bunch of
mostly minor bugs to fix, but it's great to see more and more people
testing and deploying the new version.  I think we're getting really


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2.1 beta 4 (26-Oct-2002)

    The usual assortment of bug fixes and language updates, some u/i
    tweaks, as well as the following:

    - Configuring / building / installing
        o Tightened up some configure checks; it will now bark loudly
          if you don't have the Python distutils package available
          (some Linux distros only include distutils in their "devel"

        o Mailman's username/group security assertions are now done by
          symbolic name instead of numeric id.  This provides a level
          of indirection that makes it much easier to move or package
          Mailman.  --with-mail-gid and --with-cgi-gid are retained,
          but they control the group names used instead.

    - Command line scripts
        o A new script, bin/transcheck that language teams can use to
          check their .po files.

        o bin/list_members grew a --fullnames/-f option to print the
          full names along with the addresses.

        o cron/senddigests grew --help/-h and --listname/-l options.

        o bin/fix_url.py grew some command line options to support moving
          a list to a specific virtual domain.

    - Pipermail / archiving
        o Reworked the directory layout for archive attachments to be
          less susceptible to inode overload.  Attachments are now
          placed in


        o Internationalization support in the archiver has been improved.

    - Internationalization
        o New languages: Swedish.

    - Mail handling
        o Content filtering now has a pass_mime_type variable, which
          is a whitelist of MIME types to allow in postings.  See the
          details of the variable in the Content Filtering category
          for more information.

        o If a member has enabled their DontReceiveDuplicates option,
          we'll also strip their addresses from the Cc headers in the
          copy of the message sent to the list.  This helps keep the
          Cc lines from growing astronomically.

        o Bounce messages are now forwarded to the list administrators
          both if they are unrecognized, and if no list member's
          address could be extracted.

        o Content filtering now has a filter_action variable which
          controls what happens when a message matches the content
          filter rules.  The default is still to discard the message.

        o When searching for an Approve/Approved header, the first
          non-whitespace line of the body of the message is also
          checked, if the body has a MIME type of text/plain.

        o If a list is personalized, and the list's posting address is
          not included in a Reply-To header, the posting address is
          copied into a Cc header, otherwise there was no (easy) way a
          recipient could reply back to the list.

        o Added a MS Exchange bounce recognizer.

        o New configuration variable news_moderation which allows the
          mail->news gateway to properly post to moderated newsgroups.

        o Messages sent to a list's owners now comes from the site
          list to prevent mail loops when list owners or moderators
          having bouncing addresses.

    - Miscellaneous
        o mailanctl prevents runaway restarts by imposing a maximum
          restart value (defaulting to 10) for restarting the
          qrunners.  If you hit this limit, do "mailmanctl stop"
          followed by "mailmanctl start".

        o The Membership Management page's search feature now includes
          searching on members real names.

        o The start of a manual for list administrators is given in
          Python HOWTO format (LaTeX).  It's in doc/mailman-admin.tex
          but it still needs lots of fleshing out.

        o More protections against creating a list with an invalid name.