[Mailman-Announce] Mailman 2.1.20 release.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Mar 31 20:11:45 CEST 2015

I am pleased to announce the release Mailman 2.1.20.

Python 2.4 is the minimum supported, but Python 2.7 is recommended.

This release has one new feature, a few bug fixes, an update to the
Polish message catalog and a fix for a recently discovered security

See the attached README for more details.

Mailman is free software for managing email mailing lists and
e-newsletters. Mailman is used for all the python.org and
SourceForge.net mailing lists, as well as at hundreds of other sites.

For more information, please see:


Mailman 2.1.20 can be downloaded from


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2.1.20 (31-Mar-2015)


    - A path traversal vulnerability has been discovered and fixed.  This
      vulnerability is only exploitable by a local user on a Mailman server
      where the suggested Exim transport, the Postfix postfix_to_mailman.py
      transport or some other programmatic MTA delivery not using aliases
      is employed.  CVE-2015-2775  (LP: #1437145)

  New Features

    - There is a new Address Change sub-section in the web admin Membership
      Management section to allow a list admin to change a list member's
      address in one step rather than adding the new address, copying settings
      and deleting the old address.  (LP: #266809)

    - The Russian translation has been updated by Danil Smirnov.

    - The Polish translation has been updated by Stefan Plewako.
  Bug fixes and other patches

    - A LookupError in SpamDetect on a message with RFC 2047 encoded headers
      in an unknown character set is fixed.  (LP: #1427389)

    - Fixed a bug in CommandRunner that could process the second word of a
      body line as a command word and a case sensitivity in commands in
      Subject: with an Re: prefix.  (LP: #1426829)

    - Fixed a bug in CommandRunner that threw an uncaught KeyError if
      the input to the list-request address contained a command word
      terminated by a period.  (LP: #1426825)

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