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Priority: 5
Submitted By: Rosstyk Ivantsiv (lumik)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Nested Lists(Segments) enhanced support

Initial Comment:
Imagine a simple situation: I run the tourism-related 
mailing list, which I use to send various proposals to 
other companies providing touristic services and located 
in different cities. I want to group all subscribers into 
groups(segments) depending, for example, on their 
geographic location. I consider some postings not to be 
interesting (even abusing) for some groups of 
subscribers, so I set the WHOLE group not to receive 
mail with a single operation and than send my posting to 
the list.

Sure, this can be realized in current version of mailman 
by creating nested lists but it looks not to be the best 

I advise you to realize some little segment support in 
mailman (probably based on a subscriber description).

Here is the quote from Lyris documentation:
"Let's say you'd like to send a special message to only 
those list members who

- joined your list a week ago
- live in France
- are celebrating their birthday today
- have made a major purchase in the last year
- have an email address at a particular domain (e.g., 
aol.com or hotmail.com)

ListManager allows you to send to a segment, or 
subset, of your list who meet the criteria you define. 
Instead of sending to your entire list, you can use 
segments to filter exactly who should get a message 
based on whatever criteria you choose. "

Lyris(www.lyris.com)  ListManager is a list manager with 
lots of features but it really sucks:
-stupid unconvenient web-interface(pages reload many 
times to perform a simple operation)
-it's not absolutely free(for example, to support 
segments I have to pay)
-no internationalization!!!

That's why I've chosen Mailman :)
If you include some segment support in your next 
release, mailman will be 100%convenience system for 


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