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>Status: Open
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Priority: 5
Submitted By: Joe Grace (occam)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
>Summary: Stationary "Next message:" link/buttons

Initial Comment:
It would be desirable for browsing if the "Next message:" link was stationary (so that the mouse could stay stationary instead of having to track it from message to message).  It already does stay stationary under most circumstances (so that's good).  It would be nice for it to be perfect.  The two situations which cause problems are:

1.  beginning of messages (when there is no previous message), so next message migrates up a line.  This could be avoided by leaving a blank line or inactive link for "Previous message:" for that circumstance.

2.  The message title grows to more than one line (or shrinks from more than one line).  In these cases, all the buttons bounce down (or up) as the case may be.  This issue could be alleviated by putting the button-links above the title.  I'm not sure about aesthetics, but I'd certainly find it more functional (and would take function over form, if choosing).

On second thought, putting navigation above the title also has a cost of making it scroll offview when slightly scrolling down the page (to continue reading) which would be a downgrade.  Instead, how about leaving the basic format as is, but preceding the navigation link/buttons (e.g., "Next message:") with additional almost-redundant stationary buttons which do *not* get pushed down by wrapped titles?  If the buttons had mnemonic graphics (e.g., forward arrow, back arrow, etc.), they'd be self-explanatory and most of the time adjacent to their textual counterparts.  Other times, they'd be stationary for a convenient stationary browsing interface.

Under wrap conditions, the wrapped portion of the title would continue to the right of the stationary buttons, so the buttons always appear in the same locations for every message.

Other than these minor tweaks, I'd say the interface is very pleasant to use.  The mail-to/reply-to would be a godsend (increased participation and all that), and the navigation tweaks a significant upgrade.



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