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Feature Requests item #684475, was opened at 2003-02-11 10:46
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>Status: Pending
Resolution: Out of Date
Priority: 6
Submitted By: Peer Heinlein (pheinlein)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Co-Admin for user management

Initial Comment:
It would be very helpful, to have the possibility to have a 
co-admin, who`s only able to manage 
subscribe/unsubscribe-management (finding out in which 
lists a user is subscribe, unsubscribing then from any 
For the moment it`s necessary to give a co-admin a full 
shell-Account on the server and he`s capable to do a lot 
of important changes.  
We have so many users in our lists, that I can`t handle all 
of the stupid "unsubscribe me"-Users by myself and and I 
need help from somebody who can do that and who 
ONLY can do that. 
It`s just like the possibility to have a seperate password 
for list-moderators who can`t change the list configuration. 


>Comment By: Peer Heinlein (pheinlein)
Date: 2003-02-11 14:42

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It is not in MM 2.1, because I don`t need a seperate moderator 
for *one* list! I need a superuser-moderator who has 
user-management-access to *all* lists systemwide  no matter 
who`s the onwer, and what`s the list`s owner and moderator 
Mailman has a Mailman-Owner-Superuser-Password that is 
accepted in nearly every password-field. The superuser has 
access to every list-configuration. I need the same kind for a 
systemwide superuser-usermanager who has access just to 
the user-management. 
It`s necessary to handle conflicts with users who don`t know in 
which lists they are and how to unsubscribe and who I have to 
unsubscribe globally from every list. *I* can do that with some 
shell-commands. But *I* can`t do everything on the system... 


Comment By: Barry A. Warsaw (bwarsaw)
Date: 2003-02-11 14:32

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This is already in MM2.1.  Please see the separate moderator
task (go to the passwords category).


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