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Category: Web/CGI
Group: 2.0.x
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 1
Submitted By: Chuq Von Rospach (chuqui)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: html bugs in 2.0.13

Initial Comment:
Ran into some HTML bugs in 2.0.13. For instance, going to 
the listinfo/mailman-subscribers page and subscribing, it 
returns the "confirmation is required" warning.

It looks good, but view source it. An unterminated "<BODY" 
tag, followed by a second body tag with a bgcolor, followed 
by a third body tag a couple of lines later.

There are also two /body tags, and the <title> is in the 
body, not in the head.

While it seems to format okay in browsers, it's seriously 
broken HTML, and it's driving mod_layout nuts, since it 
depends on the body tags to do header/footer insertions 
right. I think there's one other generated page with similar 
problems, too, but I'm not sure which it is yet.


Comment By: John Adams (netik)
Date: 2003-07-21 23:45

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This also breaks things in an interesting way when you're 
attempting to change the background color of the subscribe 
results page (or any page, for that matter.)

The doc object is created in main is built in htmlformat.py:

        if self.title:
            output.append('%s<TITLE>%s</TITLE>' % (tab, 
        output.append('%s</HEAD>' % tab)
        output.append('%s<BODY' % tab)

The worst part is that this bug occurs on EVERY SINGLE PAGE 
that mailman generates!

You can fix this serious bug by commenting out the line:
        output.append('%s<BODY' % tab)
in htmlformat.py, line #281 (at least in my version, which is

Also, there is a secondary issue associated with page 
generation; lots of calls to doc.Format immediately set the 
bgcolor to #ffffff; There needs to be a way to set the global 
(or per-list) background color and not hardcode it in this way.


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