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Feature Requests item #761484, was opened at 2003-06-26 17:00
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Status: Open
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Priority: 5
Submitted By: Pug Bainter (phelim_gervase)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Allow alternate email addresses

Initial Comment:
Allow users to specify alternate email addresses that
they may post from. For example:

pug.bainter at pug.net would like to allow pug at pug.net as
well as pug.bainter at stardock.pug.net to be able to post
to the restricted lists that he's subscribed to.


Comment By: Mark Edgington (edgimar)
Date: 2003-10-22 12:41

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Yes, this would be an excellent feature.  Perhaps it could be done by grouping together distinct email addresses by some unique group identifier/name.  In other words, say I have a list-user joesmith at abcd.com, then this user might have a group ID associated with it of 1234.  Now, if I want, I can assign new list-user entries (i.e. jsmitty at defg.com) to this same group ID.  Then, all entries associated with a particular group ID could be administered (by the user) from the same webpage (some entries might want the nomail flag set, others not, etc.) -- it could be a miniature version of what the admin sees when administering users, but only showing entries of a particular group ID.
Also, this makes it easy when a user wants to unsubscribe from the list.  All of his/her entries can be deleted at once with an option that removes all entries associated with a certain group ID.  So, on the user-admin page, you'd want to distinguish between "remove an alternate email address from user profile" and "remove user profile" (which would remove all associated email addresses).

There are various other ways this grouping concept could be expanded for other purposes.  For example, there could be an administration page where profile-classes could be defined (which contain settings that apply to the user-profiles which are assigned to this profile-class).  Now every user-profile which has been set to belong to such-and-such a profile-class inherits/assumes the current settings of the profile-class.

(talk about a long-winded comment... :)


Comment By: Pug Bainter (phelim_gervase)
Date: 2003-06-26 17:05

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It would also be beneficial to allow a user or list to
recognize subdomains as acceptable email addresses for the user.

As above, pug.bainter at stardock.pug.net would be the same as
pug.bainter at pug.net.


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