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Wed Oct 29 05:39:38 EST 2003

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Category: Web UI
Group: Mailman 2.2 / 3.0
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Hatuka*nezumi (hatukanezumi)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
>Summary: "Announcement-only" (read only) list

Initial Comment:
Documents say that Mailman "supports a wide range of
mailing list types, such as general discussion lists and
announce-only lists".  It's exactly true.  But some people 
wish really "announcement-only" feature.

By `Announcement-only' feature:
o Posting by e-mail is not allowed at all.  All messages
  to posting address are forwarded to owners and no other 
  users won't receive it.
o Web interface is provided so that only specified users
  ("posters") can post messages to list.

For example for `mail magazine' publishers,
`announcement-only' list is safer (Oooops! I've
approved the SPAM!) and let them be free from
moderation tasks.

Changes on codes:
o New CGI script `post'.
o New handler `Posttop' which switches messages bound to 
  list to owners (only on annnouncement-only list).
o New `announcement_only' configuration directive.
o Some modifications of templates.

Notice: By now this is buggie (both in Python and English).
    Comments and Fixes are welcome.


>Comment By: Hatuka*nezumi (hatukanezumi)
Date: 2003-10-29 19:39

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o Confusing "announcement-only" has been changed to "read-only".
o New admin category.


Comment By: Hatuka*nezumi (hatukanezumi)
Date: 2003-10-09 23:51

Logged In: YES 


* Posttop handler now placed after Hold handler so that 
  spam discarding and auto-response are capable.

* Global pipelone processing are ommitted when:
  SpamDetect           : [A] and [W]
  Approve              :         [W]
  ReplyBot             :         [W]
  Moderate             : [A] 
  Hold                 :
  - administrivia      : [A]
  - too many recips    : [A]
  - implicit dest.     : [A]
  - suspicious headers : [A] and not [W]
  - message size       : [A] and not [W]
  - news moderation    : [A] and not [W]
  Posttop              : (if [A], may be switched to owner
  AvoidDuplicates      : [A]
  [A]: list is announcement-only.
  [W]: message is posted from Web (by `poster').

* Additional modification to templates.

* Some admin option categories are hidden.


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