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Submitted By: Brett Garrett (dolphyn)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Password reminder bug (wrong "From" address, etc)

Initial Comment:
Summary of bug: On a system with multiple domains and 
multiple lists, the password reminder sometimes contains 
information about a list to which the user is not 
subscribed, or in some cases, about a list that does not 
exist. Likewise, the "From" address of the password 
reminder can be incorrect.


The cron script "mailpasswds" contains the following 
            siteowner = Utils.get_site_email(host, 'owner')
            sitereq = Utils.get_site_email(host, 'request')
            sitebounce = Utils.get_site_email
(host, 'bounces')

The problem is, this code is oblivious to the user's actual 
On a CPanel server, for example, it always defaults to 
mailman-owner at host, etc.
This results in confusion among users. 

Since the "From" address of the reminder is mailman-
owner at host and that address is also referenced in the 
mail, users send their questions to that address -- which 
may go to the server administrator, or to nobody at all, 
instead of the appropriate list owner.

On my setup (a CPanel system) the following 
replacement code appears to correct most of the 
problem (in combination with an "import string" 
statement near the top of the script):
            siteowner = string.replace ( listaddr, '@', '-
owner@' )
            sitereq = string.replace ( listaddr, '@', '-
request@' )
            sitebounce = string.replace ( listaddr, '@', '-
bounces@' )

I have not tested it thoroughly, but I think it corrects 
the siteowner and sitereq values. 

(For some reason the corrected sitebounce address does 
not have any effect. The reminder messages still have a 
return-path of mailman-bounces at servername instead of 
the appropriate listname-bounces at host. But, I don't 
think this matters as much as making sure the siteowner 
and sitereq addresses are correct.)

Thank you!


Comment By: Richard Barrett (ppsys)
Date: 2004-12-23 11:12

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CPanel sells a modified version of Mailman as part of its 
commercial hosting product. They have not made their modifications 
available to the Open Source developers and users of Mailman.

Unless you can identify that this problem is present with unmodified, 
stable Mailman distribution source from sourceforge you will have to 
take this matter up with your ISP/or CPanel. This is not least because 
without the source code of the CPanel modifications it will be problematic 
diagnosing the cause of the problem you observe.


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