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Submitted By: Heiko (hgerstung)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Description of -owner field is wrong

Initial Comment:
In the web interface, list administration section "General 
options" there is a field called "umbrella_member_suffix", 
which is "-owner" by default. 

In the detailed help for this field it reads:
When "umbrella_list" is set to indicate that this list has 
other mailing lists as members, then administrative 
notices like confirmations and password reminders need 
to not be sent to the member list addresses, but rather 
to the owner of those member lists. In that case, the 
value of this setting is appended to the member's 
account name for such notices. `-owner' is the typical 
choice. This setting has no effect when "umbrella_list" 
is "No".

The last sentence indicates that this field is not used 
anywhere when the field umbrella_list is set to No. This 
is wrong, because the owner address is used in 
automatic replies sent to non-subscripted users trying to 
send a mail to the list, which is automatically rejected. 

So, I see two possibilities:
Change the description of the field, saying that this 
suffix also is used for building the list owner address 
(e.g. list "xxx" means a xxx-owner at domain mail address) 
or (my favourite way) introduce a new field for setting 
up a list owner address AND be able to edit this "your 
message has been rejected" mail message (e.g. using a 
template for this), because even when I edit the 
LC_MESSAGES file, I have no chance to edit the english 
texts without diving into the sources, which makes 
upgrades a crap. 

Great software, keep on!
Kind regards,


>Comment By: Heiko (hgerstung)
Date: 2004-06-24 09:49

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Sorry, but I did not get it. Is there any other field which is 
used to setup the list-owner address used in several 
messages or procedures? 

The field "owner" is used to setup  "The list administrator 
email addresses." , so please let me suggest to use this field 
(e.g. the first entry) instead of the "list-owner" address 
which - this is unusual for mailman - seems to be hardcoded 
in sourcecode and can not be altered. 

This looks like a special requirement for me, but I do not want 
to have an alias "-owner" for every list I run, a single mail 
address used to let the list members know where they can 
get further help would be sufficient for me. 

So, please consider this as a humble request for feature:
Do not use a hardcoded "-owner"-alias for creating reject 
messages or other types of error/notification messages, use 
the first "owner" address entry 
Create and use a template for those messages, which could 
easily be customized by everyone - even for the english 
language texts (which is not possible for the LC_MESSAGES, 
at the moment)

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me, 
kind regards,


Comment By: Richard Barrett (ppsys)
Date: 2004-06-24 09:21

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You observation is incorrect because the description is about the use of 
the field NOT the alias and it is NOT said that the alias specified is used 
for no other purpose. The -owner alias is defined on all lists and has 
other uses.

The use of the -owner alias for other purposes is not directly related to 
its use as a target for certain types of message when the list is marked 
as being an umbrella list. If you do not want the -owner alias used this 
way when the list is an umbrella list you can define an alternative alias, 
-stuff for example, setting the field on the GUI accordingly. You can then 
specify what the incoming MTA is to do with messages addressed to the 
-stuff alias in whatever way you want (> /dev/null for instance)


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