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Submitted By: Fred H Olson (fholson)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Digest header / masthead.txt changes

Initial Comment:
Mailman digests get (potentially) two blocks of text at
the top:
The contents of a file called masthead.txt 
currently about 13 lines which I summarize as:
 Send ... submissions to ...
 To subscribe or unsubscribe ...
 You can reach the person managing the list at ....
 When replying, please edit your Subject line ...

In addition list admins can add a digest_header
(which defaults to nothing) that follows the masthead.

Two other requests suggest allowing the the masthead
be moved to the bottom of the list because a
significant number of people in my estimation find this
repetitive block of text rather verbose and a nuisance.

See feature requests:
1220821 Option to move "cruft" ("boilerplate") to
bottom of digest
1059834 daily digest new setting: mail body change

Note that the masthead.txt does not seem to change for
announcement lists for which the "submissions" and
"when replying" portions are inappropriate.

REQUEST: Allow "masthead" text to be changeable by

I would like to see the text supplied currently by
be changeable by list owners.  It seems like this could
be done similar to footers - with default contents
(preferably smarter) to the digest_header form which
already exists.

Fred H Olson who manages lists as http://justcomm.org


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