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Submitted By: Matt (matt_ruzicka)
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Summary: PASSWORD_REMINDERS_FROM Defaults.py Config Option

Initial Comment:
As a site that will be running a number of separate
lists maintained and containing unrelated addresses it
would be nice if there was if there was a config option
that allowed an administrator to specify if the monthly
password reminders came from the site owner (to retain
current message reduction capacities) or the list owner
(to allow bounces and responses from the reminders to
go to the list owners themselves).  Obviously this
option would most defintiely end up causing people to
get multiple messages from a single Mailman
installation, but an administrator might see this as an
acceptible trade off to ensure better communication
between list members and list owners (as opposed to
site owners who may not care to be bothered with
messages from list members they are not aware of).

My limited brain envisioned something like

# This option determines what address the monthly 
# password reminders is sent from.  It is strongly 
# recommended that you leave this set to site owner
# so users subscribed to multiple lists will receive
# only one message per month.
# examples are
#     %(siteowner)s@%(hostname)s - (recommended)
#     %(listowner)s@%(hostname)s
PASSWORD_REMINDERS_FROM = %(siteowner)s@%(hostname)s

Also, not sure if this would actually be better suited
for list specific list options so lists with a large
number of cross over addresses could still benefit from
the single address.

Thanks for your time.


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