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Submitted By: Eric Smith (brouhaha)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Wrong domain used in moderation message

Initial Comment:
Mailman 2.1.7 is running on host foo.example.com, with
a mailing list on virtual domain bar.example.com.  If a
posting will be moderated, an email is sent to the
poster offering a chance to cancel the message. 
However, the cancel URL is on foo.example.com, rather
than bar.example.com.

The cancel URL works, but it exposes the real hostname,
whereas it should only show the virtual domain.


>Comment By: Eric Smith (brouhaha)
Date: 2006-04-14 14:15

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That is NOT the problem, as can be seen in the attached
example of a moderation message.  The message header shows
that it came from lists.brouhaha.com, which is the correct
virtual domain for the list, as configured, but the
moderation link in the message has the hostname
donnybrook.brouhaha.com, which is the primary hostname of
the machine.

I confirmed the list configuration using config_list:

% ~mailman/bin/config_list -o - test1 | grep ^host_name
host_name = 'lists.brouhaha.com'

The only occurrence of "donnybrook" in the output of
config_list is in a comment:
% ~mailman/bin/config_list -o - test1 | grep donnybrook

(This comment generated by config_list is wrong, which is a
defect in config_list.)


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Date: 2006-04-12 19:20

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Comment By: Mark Sapiro (msapiro)
Date: 2006-03-29 17:14

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The most likely cause of this is that the list attribute
web_page_url has the foo.example.com host name instead of

This in turn is caused by creating the list with the wrong
or the default host.

If this is the case, links in the web interface will likely
also be to foo.example.com, and the list won't appear on the
bar.example.com admin and listinfo overview pages. You can
fix this (assuming your VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary is correct
- add_virtualhost() directives in mm_cfg.py - by running
bin/fix_url.py on the list (just run bin/fix_url.py for


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