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Submitted By: Myke Olson (xpl0re)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Add option to remove Sender header

Initial Comment:
When sending messages through mailman with Postfix, it
adds a new header called "Sender" in addition to the
Errors-To and Return-Path headers.

Outlook (probably mistakenly) sees the Sender header
and treats it like gold.  All messages show up in the
user's mailbox as from list-bounces on behalf of
therealperson.  What's worse is that the rules/filters
will only work on the list-bounces part and not

If we could selectively turn off the addition of the
Sender header (and be able to keep the other two), then
we should still be able to use bounces but have Outlook
be able to filter messages.


Comment By: Richard Barrett (ppsys)
Date: 2006-03-30 14:57

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RFC2822 (Para 3.6.2. - Originator fields) would suggest that simply not using 
the Sender: header when Mailman is the agent responsible for the actual 
transmission of the message is a breach of the RFC. 

The problem with the behaviour of Outlook is discussed in the Mailman FAQ 

A suggested code change which cosmetically improves the Outlook 
presentation by changing the Sender: header value from the listname-
bounces alias to the listname alias is described there.


The Error-to: header is deprecated and only inserted for backward 
compatibilty with old/broken MTAs.

The Return-path is not  a header that travels with the message and is known 
as a trace field. It is mandatory and normally inserted at the start of the 
message, as a header, by the final SMTP delivery MTA and is the value of the 
SMTP envelope sender.

As an aside, Outlook 2003 appears to allow filtering on the contents of From: 
header wihtout any problems (as opposed to the From field displayed on the 
GUI) and this does not involve the contents of the Sender: header.


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