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Submitted By: karl berry (kberry)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: administrator vs. moderator settings

Initial Comment:
Werner Lemberg recently sent a message to mailman-users
about separately defining notifications for
administrators vs. moderators.

While wholeheartedly supporting Werner's general
proposal (I currently
filter hundreds of useless notifications every day),
I'd like to suggest
a slightly different variation -- perhaps it's easier
to implement too:

Have an interface which allows specifying, for any
given email address,
1) whether it is a moderator or an administrator
2) whether it should get the daily mails
3) whether it should get the immediate notifications

For an interface, I can imagine a screen similar to the
membership management screen (though with many fewer

I think this is preferable because on some lists I list
myself as a
moderator, on others as an administrator, for various
reasons.  But I
never want to get the immediate notifications,
regardless of whether I
am an admin or a moderator.

It occurs to me that the split into "admin" and
"moderator" is perhaps
misleading in the first place, since the main
difference (AFAIK) is
whether the given address is listed on the publicly
viewable HTML pages.
Maybe they should just all be "administrative email
address", and
whether it is listed or not on the public page is a fourth

Other related options I can think of could perhaps be
specified the same
way, on a per-administrative-email basis: whether it gets
(un)subscribes, and whether it gets disabled/deleted bounce

(There is no use in sending anything but the immediate
notifications to
our robot helper.)

Whether it's possible to specify defaults for all these
things is not
important to me.  Having hardwired defaults would be fine.

Hope this makes some kind of sense and can be
considered for a future
release ...



>Comment By: karl berry (kberry)
Date: 2006-05-20 21:07

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I'm not sure admins/moderators should be shoehorned into the
regular subscriber list, tempting though it is.  They have
additional settings (the various notifications) which are
not relevant to regular subscribers, and conversely most
subscriber settings are not relevant to owners.  Finally,
when owners are also subscribers, they'd need to be able to
control everything separately.  Overall, I see a lot more
potential for confusion than simplification.

But since no developers have responded, I guess it's all
pretty much a moot point anyway.



Comment By: Jim Popovitch (jimpop)
Date: 2006-05-11 22:18

Logged In: YES 

I agree that changes to the Owner/Moderator interfaces need
some thought.  My thought is this: Just eliminate the
concept of separate interface settings for defining list
Owners and Moderators and replace it by adding Mod and Owner
fields to normal users just like NoMail.  This way Owners
could easily rotate Moderators, and both could easily change
their email delivery options from NoMail to Digest to
Normal.  Tuff luck if all the Owners set NoMail at the same
time, however some might want that capability.


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