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Submitted By: Mez (ubuntumez)
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Summary: Spam Filter ACCEPT rule not valid

Initial Comment:
In my setup, I wish to have a moderated member list, 
however, I also wish this list to be able to recieve 
email regarding bugs from Launchpad 

The way that Launchpad sends the bugs out is to use 
the users email address reporting the bug in 
the "From:" header, but uses special headers to 
identify the email as coming from Launchpad

Obviously, I could just accept each email as it comes 
in, and add each sender to the approved list, however, 
I would rather that Mailman accept emails if their 
headers match the Spam Filters (and the spam filter is 
set to accept)

At the moment, it matches the spam header, but doesnt 
do anything to the message - the default action for 
accept is "do nothing here" - which then passes the 
message down the chain, to be intercepted by another 
part of the code that holds the message.

Changing the pipeline won't make any difference here, 
as the way that mailman works with this is that it 
doesnt set anything to say "approve this" it just 
says "we're not going to do anything with this here" - 
changging the pipeline would just catch the "Non 
member posting" at a different point.

I'd like the Spam filters when set to Accept to 
actually ACCEPT the email, rather than just pass it on 
to other Handlers.

I'm trying to hack on this myself, and if I can will 
post a patch, but my trials have been fruitless so far


>Comment By: Mark Sapiro (msapiro)
Date: 2006-10-27 18:20

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Spam filters are working as designed. Therefore, I am moving
this to feature requests because that's what it is.

For your implemention efforts, if you modify the end of the
process() function in SPAMDetect.py to read

                if action == mm_cfg.ACCEPT:
                    msgdata['approved'] = 1

That will make an ACCEPT rule match bypass all other holds
except emergency moderation. If you want to bypass emergency
moderation too, add also

                    msgdata['adminapproved'] = 1

See Mailman/Handlers/Approve.py

Note however that it is probably better to use a custom
handler for this as you then won't have to maintain a patch
across updates. See


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