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Submitted By: Dave Yost (daveyost)
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Summary: Need admin alerts

Initial Comment:
I just noticed that for some reason none of our mailing lists have been archived for a while.  Yikes.

It would be good if mailman by default would notify admins if anything goes wrong with archiving.


>Comment By: Mark Sapiro (msapiro)
Date: 2007-01-12 20:31

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I am moving this to feature requests because that's what it is.

As far as your issue of not archiving is concerned, it seems that perhaps
ArchRunner is/was not running. If this is the case, addressing the issuue
that caused it to die and restarting it will probably archive all the
unprocessed messages in the archive/ queue.

OTOH, possible there is some issue causing the messages to be shunted. In
this case, fixing the underlying issue and running bin/unshunt should
archive the messages.

It would be very unusual if the messages were completely lost.

Regarding your feature request, look at the "Daily status report script"
and in Mailman's contrib/ directory since 2.1.7. It's not a 'default' but
it does a good job of reporting things that go wrong.


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