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Submitted By: Barry S. Finkel (barry_s_finkel)
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Summary: Problem with accept_these_nonmembers

Initial Comment:
I posted this to mailman-users May 01, 2007, and Mark Sapiro replied with a detailed diagnosis.

I create new Mailman (2.1.9) lists via copying template files. One of my template files has:

accept_these_nonmembers = ['user1 at example.com', 'user2 at example.com',
   'user3 at example.com  (Joe Bleaux)', 'user4 at example.com']

(I have split the line for easier readibility.)  When I create a new list via

     /usr/sbin/newlist $listname
     config_list -i $1.config $listname

I get no complaints, and the administrator web interface shows the four addresses with the parenthesized name after the third address. I have not tested whether any of these addresses can post to the new list.  But when I want to add another address to the list (or remove an address) via the admin web interface, I get an error messsage about an incorrect address.  When I remove the parenthesized name, the error message is not produced.  If the parenthesized name is not valid, I would expect an error message during the config_list command execution.


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