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Submitted By: migopod (migopod)
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Summary: Admin notify schedule

Initial Comment:
One of our site users has suggested that it would be
useful for her to be able to schedule moderator notification emails at intervals besides daily and immediate.  

She would prefer the option of being able to get a weekly moderator notification rather than daily.

Since this is one user out of over 5000 on our system, and since i would presume the vast majority of users would rather get more frequent notifications, i would think this a low priority, but i told them i'd submit a feature request for it, and i try to be an admin of my word.



Comment By: Jim Popovitch (jimpop)
Date: 2007-05-21 16:41

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This is easy to achieve with existing Mailman versions.   Just create a
new list for moderation notifications and in digest mode set
digest_volume_frequency to weekly and send_digest_now to yes.  Moderators
can choose to subscribe to the digested or the normal immediate


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