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Submitted By: Cyndi (cyndi)
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Summary: Plain text option for nondigest

Initial Comment:
I searched this to the best of my ability and there seems to be no current method to do it.  I found this:
and searched the feature requests, but it seems no one has submitted this yet, as far as I can tell.

You have a plain-text option for subscribers to select if they receive the digest.  I've tested it and it works perfectly.  Messages that came through as HTML gobblygook in the nondigest will display as lovely plain text in the digest.

What I would love is a plain-text option for the nondigest.  Just exactly what you do for the digests, only post by post.  Yahoogroups does it, as do many other  mailing list sites/programs.

It seems that currently I have only three choices:

1) Convert all posts to plain text.  I can't get this to work right though (I am using a hosting service via my ISP, so they may not have all the prereqs, or I need to tweak it more myself).  But this means people who want HTML can't get it.

2) Get MM to hold all HTML posts for moderation, then I send rejection notices insisting that people post in plain text only.  This "works" but disenfranchises people with poor email skills or who use mailers/ISP's like AOL.  I run a support group filled with people who have brain processing deficits, as well as those who simply don't understand computers.  I've tried for years to get folks to post in plain text and most just can't.  I finally gave up and hand-edited the HTML posts, but this isn't possible on MM (and I hate doing it).

3) Live with it.  Most people have HTML-capable mailers (I'm an oldtimer holdout, but can switch).  The problem is that some of my subscribers are blind or otherwise can't deal with HTML-formatted email (not all have converting software).

A choice #4 (user option for nondigest plain text) would be wonderful.



>Comment By: Mark Sapiro (msapiro)
Date: 2007-10-30 18:48

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Perhaps you didn't search well enough, or perhaps we just hide or don't
describe the option in these terms, but the Non-digest
options->scrub_nondigest option in the list admin interface will do what
you want. It will apply the same process that is applied to the plain
digest to individual messages.

The only problem is this is a list option, not an individual subscriber


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