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Category: mail delivery
Group: 2.1 (stable)
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Submitted By: Steven (madrobin)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Mailman changes attachment filenames

Initial Comment:

I'm using Mailman version 2.1.9.cp2, hosted by site5.com.

When sending attachments with long filenames to a list, the file name arrives with one character substituted for another. The attachments with the changed filename cannot be opened in the FirstClass email client.

The attachment names were:

2007 September Using FirstClass To Book School Resources.pdf


2007 September Teaching Lab Expectations and Routines.pdf

In both cases, when the attachment filenames were viewed in FirstClass after having been delivered by Mailman, the last space in the filename had been converted to a character which looks like a square. I am attaching a screenshot.

If I try to open the attachment in FirstClass, I receive an error dialog box:

File Transfer Failed because 

File not open error


I am not able to open the attachment.

If I send the same attachments with the same filenames "directly" (not through Mailman) and open them in FirstClass, there is no problem. The filenames do not change and the attachments can be opened without difficulty.

If I shorten the attachment filenames (for example, I removed the "2007 September" part of the above filenames) and send them through Mailman, there is also no problem; the filenames do not change and the attachments can be opened.

I also tried viewing the long-filename attachments sent via Mailman in a different email client (Pegasus Mail). The attachment filenames had again been changed (instead of a square, the character which had been substituted for the last space looked more like a thick vertical bar.) However, even with the filename change, Pegasus Mail was still able to open the attachments. (Unfortunately, my employer allows us to use only FirstClass.)

I was not able to find anything addressing this problem. However, if I missed it and you can point me in the direction of a solution, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.


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