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Submitted By: Ross Golder (rossigee)
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Summary: Patch to help report spam in moderator queue

Initial Comment:
You're moderating one of your lists, looking at the 'admindbsummary' page. You're already ticked 'accept' to all the non-spam entries and clicked submit. You're now left with a queue consisting only of spam.

Some days, you feel calm and rational and just delete the rest using the handy 'discard all deferred' tickboxes and move on. Other times, you have spam-rage and feel frustrated that it's not trivial to forward all this spam on to a reporting service, such as Spamcop or Knujon (or whatever else comes along) and help those who do have more time and resources to hunt down and shut down these bastards. The problem is that you'd have to go through the list, ticking 'forward to' and cutting'n'pasting your spam submission address(es) in for the whole list manually before you can submit it.

One solution would be to add another tickbox like 'report all deferred' and do some server-side patching to act on the tickbox. A quicker (dirtier?) solution is just to add a few lines of Javascript to the 'admindbsummary' page to automate the task client-side. I added the following to the template on my home server:

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
function sendspamto() {
	email = document.getElementById("fwdspamto").value;
	for (elnum in document.forms[1].elements) {
		elem = document.forms[1].elements[elnum];
		name = elem.name;
		if(name.substr(0, 14) == 'senderforward-') {
			elem.checked = true;
		if(name.substr(0, 16) == 'senderforwardto-') {
			elem.value = email;
<form method="GET" action="javascript: sendspamto(); return false;">
<p><b>Forward spam</b> to : <input id="fwdspamto" value="knujon at coldrain.net"/> <input type="submit" value="Set" onclick="sendspamto()"/></p>

If someone wants to take the above, polish it or whatever and use it in upstream mailman that'd make my (and probably a few thousands other moderators) lives a little easier :)

Otherwise, please feel free to put it in the FAQ for others to use as they wish.


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